Agriculture Stream

LMIA Work Permit Work

The Agricultural Stream allows employers to hire Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) for a maximum period of 24 months when Canadians and permanent residents are not available.

You can only hire a temporary foreign agricultural worker in occupations and activities related to primary agriculture.

Primary agriculture is defined as work duties that must:
  • be performed within the boundaries of a farm, nursery or greenhouse
  • involve at least one activity, such as:
    • operation of agricultural machinery
    • boarding, care, breeding, sanitation or other handling of animals, other than fish, for the purpose of obtaining raw animal products for market
    • collection, handling and assessment of those raw products, or the planting, care, harvesting or preparation of crops, trees, sod or other plants for market
  • be consistent with one of these National Occupational Classification codes: 0821, 0822, 8252, 8255, 8431, 8432, and 8611
To qualify for this stream, employers must meet 2 criteria:
  1. production must be in specific commodity sectors, and
  2. the activity must be related to on-farm primary agriculture
National commodity list:
  • apiary products
  • fruits, vegetables (including canning/processing of these products if grown on the farm)
  • mushrooms
  • flowers
  • nursery-grown trees including Christmas trees, greenhouses/nurseries
  • pedigreed canola seed
  • sod
  • tobacco
  • bovine
  • dairy
  • duck
  • horse
  • mink
  • poultry
  • sheep
  • swine

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