Children Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship Immigration

Canadian citizens or permanent residents may also apply to sponsor their adopted children to become permanent residents. They may apply at the final stage of adoption process.

Eligibility to Sponsor Your Adopted Children:
  1. Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  2. If the sponsor is permanent resident of Canada, he/she must reside in Canada
  3. Be 18 years of age or older
  4. The adoption process compliance with Canadian law and the local law
  5. Have no record of serious violent offence against anyone
  6. are not undischarged bankrupt and not in late in making payment of immigration loan or support payment, have not been order to leave Canada
Eligibility to be Sponsored:
  • The biological child or adopted child of the parent
  • Less than 22 years of age and not a spouse or common-law partner or
  • Is 22 years of age or older and has depended substantially on the financial support of the parent since before the age of 22 and is unable to be financially self-supporting due to a physical or mental condition.

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